General advice that will help with numbers juggling as well

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2015 at 7:20 PM
Well, with numbers juggling this advice should definatley help and can help improve many basic patterns. First off, there is always a reason to dropping your props, correct? Seems to be true due to the laws of physics. Well, in order to determine what you are doing wrong, a juggler must use trial and error in order to figure out such problems. Some problems could include the following: the speed at which you are throwing or tempo, collisions with props in the air, or you find yourself not being able to stand still in place while running a pattern which can also be one of many problems in your pattern. Knowing what you are doing wrong is good to establish when I cannot see the pattern at hand. Some things that help as well are the angle at which your wrists are turned could alter your throwing abilities, and throwing is key in a sucessful juggling pattern. Catching has to become second nature for jugglers, the throws and prop placement really determine a good pattern, I cannot express that enough. Well, here are some helpful hints to improve these common overlooked mistakes 1. The speed isn't good enough Well, throwing higher throws does give you much help in timing, but only so much. If there is an issue with speed, I definatley recommend getting your flash consistent. A consistent flash is an amazing skill to aquire because it helps run your patterns longer. Even if you can run the pattern for more than a flash it is good to practice until your pattern is solid because that helps determine how high and how fast your throws need to be in order for your pattern to be run longer. 2. Collisions are becoming an issue Well, this can cause many problems and with any sort of collision it is hard to recover. My advice would be when you are juggling, adjust how wide your throws are thrown. A perfect pattern has props thrown at the same angle in the air. The props follow the same path. So, if the props get too close to each other all the time make sure to have wider throws and vice versa. 3. Not being able to stand still This may not seem like a big issue, but it is and will definatley be as you progress in your juggling and numbers juggling especially. In order to be able to have a clean pattern you must pracitce while attempting to stand still because this is vital in having a solid pattern compared to a well run pattern. This can be improved by a few different things including: holding your hands right next to each other meaning one is not further out in front than the other. Also, make sure all throws are at the same angle while trying to stand still. Standing still improves posture and improves the legnth a pattern can be run. 4. Practice makes perfect! Enjoy some practice time because this always helps rather than waiting for good explainations on patterns. Hope you enjoy! Good luck!

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