The first 3 ball juggling tricks

Posted by [email protected] on December 16, 2014 at 9:25 AM
I often get asked, what are some of the first tricks I should learn now that I have mastered the 3 ball cascade? Well, in my opinion juggling tricks are in categories: reverse cascade and cascade combination tricks, siteswaps, and ones with a set up throw. The set up throw means the ball before the trick that you want to do needs to be set up. What that means is, it needs to be thrown higher, in order to do the desired trick. What I would reccomend learning are the following tricks. First, learn the reverse cascade! It opens up so many doors in the juggling world, even with three balls. If you learn this, you can learn the half shower, tennis, real tennis, and just opens up the doors to learn the timing and ball placement for other tricks. It helps with, mills mess, windmills, the shower pattern, and many other things. If you are looking for more visual tricks with your hands, I would learn to throw one ball higher than the others. I would highly recommend learning the reverse cascade first, but this can be fun too. If you can throw a ball substantially higher than the others, you can do tricks with the amount of time it gives you while the ball is in the air. For example, you can throw a ball under your leg, or behind your back, or if the throw is really high a quick pirouette can be accomplished. As for siteswaps, those can be a little bit more advanced, but are all about timing. So, before learning siteswaps I would learn at the very least to do tricks with a set up throw, but you should really learn a substantial amount of tricks in both categories before going into 3 ball siteswaps. These include, 441, 531, 522, and many more. Hope this helps categorize what to learn first.

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