Learning the four ball fountain

Posted by [email protected] on July 24, 2014 at 9:15 AM
Well, weather or not you want to learn the syncronous or the aysyncronous founatin with four balls is toatally up to you, but these tips can be for both. First thing that you have to know how to do is two in one hand with both hands. To do this I would use inside to outside circles. Now, two in one hand can be easy because all you are looking at is one ball in the air, but some things that you would not think to do are: try to remember to throw the ball on the right side and at an angle. Not straight up because this would cause each ball to move further and further to the inside. When you release the throw your hands are going to follow through more than they would with three balls. Once you have an idea of how to do two in one hand with both hands using that advice try juggling three balls likeyou would with four, but leave a throw out. It is called 4440 in siteswap notation. Rembember to throw the balls all the same height. Now, I would recommend trying to flash four balls, but just have fun juggling. Once you can throw them all the same height and get the right timing you just need to practice because it doesn't happen overnight, but the more you practice the better you get as long as you are not practicing the wrong technique. So, if you do not succeed try to make changes to what you are doing. Whatever works for you. For example if you think you are throwing them too slow try throwing them faster because you cannot do it right if it is not working.

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