Three ball cascade helpful hints

Posted by [email protected] on July 24, 2014 at 8:50 AM
To learn the three ball cascade you must be able to throw a ball in the air to the other hand while standing in the same spot. Easy, right? Well, try it with two balls starting with your dominant hand with the first throw and once it reaches as high as it will go try and throw the other ball at the same angle and hieght. Then, of course start with your weak hand. Throwing the balls at the same angle like a perfect X helps so that you do not have to reach your hands out far. You can pretty much move your hands very little if you stick to focusing on that. As for throwing the balls the same hieght, that helps with keeping the pattern slower that it has to be. Just remember in the three ball cascade that the only goal is to keep at least one object in the air and two in your hands. Now, once you can master two balls starting with both you dominant and weak hand you are ready to move on to three balls, but I recommend learning two in one hand before that because it is the same speed as the three ball cascade. When starting with three balls just remember to: keep your eyes on the ball in the air and have fun while learning it.

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