Performs for:

Birthday Parties
Superbowl Parties
Anniversary Parties
Community Events
And any other parties that want entertainment.

How I got started

I can do a juggling performance, do magic tricks, and twist balloon animals. I started juggling at the age of ten and was taught to juggle three balls by my cousin Nick Smith. Now, at the age of 16 I have learned a lot and I have since gained interest in many different forms of juggling and object manipulation as well as magic tricks and balloon art. I have grown up in a small town in Southern Maine, born and raised. Ever since I started professionally juggling everyone in my family from my mother to father especially have helped encourage me to persevere in my career. 

What I can do now

I am proficient in many balancing acts along with fire juggling. I work and am proficient in ball juggling along with club and ring juggling. My magic tricks include coin magic, card magic, and street magic. My magic tricks are up close tricks with a crowd, but they never cease to amaze the audience viewing my performance. My balloon art is a hit especially at birthday parties and community events.

Why hire me?

I would recommend that you hire me to spruce things up for any event. I can offer many different forms of entertainment and not just one and I love to perform for people and attempt to show people some of my secrets to entertaining. Some forms of entertainment that I can add to an event are balancing acts, toss juggling up to 8 balls; 5 clubs; and 6 rings, bounce juggling up to 5 balls, fire juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, pogo stick, some magic, balloon art, plate spinning, and many others. I have become proficient in the art of juggling along with my other many talents making my various acts more entertaining especially to younger audiences. I love what I do and have had experience in the past with birthday parties and fun other events including performing on stage at the International Juggler's Association (IJA) festival in Lafayette, Indiana.