Welcome to the website guaranteed to improve your entertainment skills and knowledge of the art of juggling. Upon request, I will add any additional information helpful to the public to make sure you can improve your skills.

Some of the props that I use are gballz. I am using them in the picture to the left. Those specific juggling balls are the elite 8 pro series weighing 135 mg and are 2.875 in. If you would like to purchase these juggling balls go to gballz.com. The e8 pro's are unique because they are filled with plastic resin instead of millet (like other gballz products) making them lighter, and this helps to fill the ball more to get the desired weight. A great juggling ball with many different shapes and sizes. The best part is you can customize these juggling balls and have your own symbols embodied on the ball such as your name. My personal favorite juggling equipment.

Find my three ball cascade video tutorial in the video section to learn how to juggle. Remember that you will not get it right away, practice makes perfect and I believe that anyone can learn how to juggle. Now, to get further in depth with your juggling practice there are a few things that everyone must know when you are learning to juggle.

There are two basic patterns in juggling. There are even number's juggling and odd number's juggling. To juggle an odd number juggling pattern, the props switch hands crossing from one to another. This is called the infinity pattern or a cascade. Now, when juggling even number patterns you do half the number of props in one hand, and half in the other. For example, 4 ball juggling consists of doing 2 in one hand with both hands. The props never cross hands in a basic even number juggling pattern.